Simple Yule Ritual

This ritual is intended to awaken the Sun and lift your spirits and of those around you. It is also published in the 2010 Winter magazine.

- a golden or yellow candle (the God Candle)
- matches or a lighter
- a fireproof bowl
- a piece of paper and a pen or pencil

If performed in a group
- one extra candle, pen and piece of paper for each person participating

Decorate your altar as you like. Make sure the only candle on the altar is the gold or yellow candle. Place as many unlit candles around your sacred space as you want. If you are performing this ritual with a group, give each member a candle and leave it at that. Be careful none of the candles can burn you while you work.
If your tradition requires you to cast a circle, do so now.

Take the time to focus and then light the God Candle while you say something like:

Great God of ages, awaken now. It is the time of light. You have slept and rested, now be reborn. We of the old ways welcome you.”

Light all other candle on the room or around the circle now. Do so in a clockwise manner. If you are performing this ritual as a group, ask the first person on the right of the altar to come up to the God Candle and light their candle. While they do so, let them say something like:

I welcome you”.

Take a moment to think about the return of the sun and what it means in your life. Give each member of the circle a pen and a piece of paper and let them write down what they want to leave behind in the new year and what they will strive to do. Let each member carefully light their note at the God Candle and envision their promise to the Awakened God. Meditate on the ritual, the sun and your promise and then close the circle.

Your work is done.

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